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I was amazed how many “Sisig Booths” are starting to pop up anywhere I go. While roaming around the metro, I found myself buying another sisig for dinner at Sgt. Sisig.

The serving was generous for its price (P120). I do prefer this over Sisig Swabe or Sisig Hooray because Sgt. Sisig’s sisig meals taste way better – it’s delicious, saucy, and spicy!

After all the “taste tests” that I have done I could honestly say that Sgt Sisig is the best! It’s very affordable, clean, and delicious. Highly Recommended!

Sgt. Sisig serves spicy hot sisig, pork sisig and tuna and chicken for non-pork eaters.

Cost? their sisig meals cost from 55-70 pesos depending on your add-ons. You can add another egg, rice, etc. They also have barkada meals, which is good for 2-3 persons and only costs 120 pesos!

“Sgt. Sisig offers different varieties of Sisig meals. Be satiated by its pork, chicken, and tuna served clean and with class. Visit their latest outlet in Campus Tambayan Food Court in front of FEU morayta near jolibee and rockband from 8am to 8pm and get a free promo drink for every purchases of any SISIG.”

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