KFC Sisig? Why Not?

KFC Sisig

KFC Sisig is now available! It’s a sisig made the finger lickin’ good way! For Pinoys, sisig is one of the most irresistible comfort food for all occasions. You can have it everyday, but still continue to crave for it. One can never have enough of this delicious dish. There’s so much joy in sisig’s crunchy texture and flavorful aroma -especially when paired with rice and pineapple juice.

A sure fire crowd favorite, Pinoys have invented different sisig variations through the years. Now, you can order pork, chicken, beef, seafood and even vegetarian sisig.

While Pinoys have developed a big appetite for sisg, it is quite tricky to prepare. Only experienced Pinoy cooks would dare to cook sisig in their own kitchens. Usually, one only orders the dish from a restaurant or a carinderia. But in fast food chains? Rarely do you see you it in this setting.

KFC Sisig, KFC says Why Not?

Deviating from the typical fast-food menu and bringing this Pinoy classic dish sto its kitchen, KFC introduces the Sisig Rice Bowl.  It is all chicken, no pork: KFC Hot Shots mixed with chicken sisig sauce, topped with fried chicken skin, mayonnaise, paired with flavorful sisig rice and a side of egg.

Visit the nearest KFC branch now or have it delivered to wherever you are and give in to your cravings today.

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