Join the Running Revolution with adidas Energy Boost

Join The Running Revolution With Adidas Energy Boost

How has adidas Energy Boost changed my running life?

I have read lots of running sites and blogs lately and it seems that it is true that heel striking is bad while running and it results to injuries. I am no expert on this subject really, but based on what I have learned from my research online and interviews, heel striking can really contribute to poor form – it’s like putting pressure on the wrong muscles which often leads to an injury.

When I started running (just last year), I have experienced a lot of pain on the outside of my knee. I was diagnosed with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. My first race ever, the RUPM 2012 5K, started out great but about halfway through my knee was like on fire. During my first 10K Run (Hyundai Run 2012), my knee gave out on me some time during mile 3. During my first marathon  (Milo Marathon 2012), my knees started hurting around mile 5 and hurt like hell for the remainder of the race.

It has been almost a year since I had that knee pain.
What has changed? Well…I am no longer a heel striker.

I switched to mid-foot striking, and for me it was the best running decision I have ever made – and the easiest :). All it took was a pair of adidas Energy Boost!

Honestly, I bought this shoe out of hype as it has been blowing up a whole lot of media attention in the running community mainly because of all the claims adidas has making about it.

“Most cushioned and also the most responsive shoe in running history ever”

Well… I am not gonna lie – it really works as advertised. The shoe fits well and you won’t notice any issues with your toes being constricted. Its cushioning is excellent, and the breathability is good! These shoes are not so heavily padded and raised in the center like the usual running shoes, and they are way lighter.

It is designed with adidas’ newest Energy Boost innovation.

Boost your cushioningIt has a superb innovation which focuses on proprietary cushioning materials that enables you to maximize your energy potential during your work out.

Boost your conditions. Energy Boost is 3X more temperature resistant than any other running shoes. It will enable you to run and work out in different places that you want to go. Rest assured that this pair will never fail your running satisfaction.

Boost your comfort. It offers optimal support to your entire foot while you are in motion. What’s best about this Energy Boost is that it has a a special mid-foot support frame, adiwear outsole and an external heel counter to maximize comfort and support your work out satisfaction.

adidas Energy Boost is indeed built to provide loads of energy return and performance comfort. This shoe debuts a new midsole technology that’s designed to make each stride soft and springy. Lots of energy capsules compose the shoe’s look cushioning, with a Techfit upper providing a snug fit and fast look.

Once I had the adidas Energy Boost shoes on, my running buddy watched me jog outside. “You mid-strike in your shoes,” she told me. I did not buy it. She said “Put on one of your (other brand) shoes and one of your adidas Energy Boost shoes. Then run again.”
I did.

And my runnning buddy was right. My foot in the (other brand) shoes was heel striking, while my foot in the adidas Energy Boost shoes was center striking. It’s like crazy to see the difference. and it was even there when I walked. Even my wife saw the difference.

adidas Energy Boost shoes changed my running life! Not only did my knees stop hurting but I seemed to get faster. “No More Heel Strike with adidas Energy Boost”

After switching to these awesome shoes, I was able to demolish my previous personal records — all with absolutely no knee pain. I also ran faster than I ever thought I could! No knee pain at all or whatsoever! With these shoes I have not experienced any of that Patellofemoral Pain that used to plague me. None at all. (Knock on wood).

So, for those runners out there who are blatant heel strikers with injuries (knee, hip, hamstring, shin and other injuries) — try on a pair of adidas Energy Boost, and become more efficient and an injury-free runner.

By the way, I did not get any compensation from Adidas for this blog. They do not even know who I am. But, should adidas running team reads this, fall in love with my charm and wish to provide me with free adidas Energy Boost shoes, or GCs to simply reimburse me for the pair that I just purchased, I will not reject such an offer.


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  1. von bunac says:

    where i can find this energy boost adidas?..coz i love adidas running shoes….pls give me the name of a store and the address….or i can find this model in all SM mall?….

  2. Lauren says:

    How were you able to go from heel striking to mid foot?

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