Hyundai HEO-H48L 48L Electric Oven Review

Hyundai HEO-H48L 48L Electric Oven

In buying our home appliances, we relied mostly on the brand and its aesthetics than its features. And since we’re looking for a convection oven that we can use for baking, we chose the Hyundai HEO-H48L 48L Electric Oven. You might wonder, why in the hell we chose Hyundai over other brands. Well.. my instinct told me to get only this basic model as it would allow us to do what we could not do with our microwave oven and our oven toaster.

The Hyundai HEO-H48L 48L Electric Oven (HEO-H48L) instantly fits the bill. It has these easy-to-use selectors, simple box design and price point that won us over.

Hyundai HEO-H48L 48L Electric Oven is on sale right now at Lazada, and you might want to take advantage of this promo.

This electric oven satisfies our requirements. We bought it at Lazada for only 5,391 PHP (We used TDEALS10 voucher code to get 10% discount). This was the cheapest that we found online.

I like the box-shaped structure of this electric oven, making it look very spacious, and also easy to clean. It has a transparent window glass, so you can clearly see the food being cooked or baked inside.

Hyundai HEO-H48L 48L Electric Oven Features

  • Electric Oven
  • 220V/60Hz
  • With Rotisserie and Convection Features
  • 4 Knobs Selection for heating Stage
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • With Oven Lamp
  • With end-cooking signal
  • 48L Gross Volume

So far we are very satisfied with this convection oven. However, since this is just a convection oven, it is not as powerful as the big kitchen ovens you see in restaurants. This means that you should expect thorough cooking or baking time. This was the only cooking adjustment we made on this oven and for me, it’s very minimal, and I don’t think it will cause inconvenience to you either. 5,391 PHP (Use TDEALS10 voucher code to get 10% discount)

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13 Responses to "Hyundai HEO-H48L 48L Electric Oven Review"

  1. Princess says:

    Hi ask ko lang kung okay paba ung oven na hyundai nakita q kasi sa Terraces ang laki nya okay ba for baking po yun

  2. Aimee says:

    Bkit po dna available sa Lazada po to san po mkkbili ng gnitong model tnx

  3. Pat says:

    Hello. I just wanted to ask if you have encountered any defects with your Hyundai Convection Oven since you purchased it last year. How do you remove the stains off from it? Lastly, how much electricity does it consume?Thank you very much in advance!

  4. Maria says:

    Hi. What made you choose Hyundai over other brands which have been around longer? My choice for electric oven is now down to Hanabishi and Hyundai, and I can’t decide.

  5. rang says:

    just wanna ask its weight since i have to cargo it

  6. Thess says:

    I just want to know jung saan ako makakabili ng extra tray so that when I bake something at least I can use 2 at a time.

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