How To Get Featured

There are several ways to get featured on Best Food In Town

1. Contact Me!

just send me an email!!! or click here

2. Treat us to a meal!

You can treat us to a meal and we’ll gladly write about your food/resto a day or two after the meal.

3. By Luck/Chance!
Of course, i am always in the look out for those restaurants who offer special, note-worthy dishes. And if by any chance i came in to your restaurant, for sure i’ll write about it and feature it in our site.

4. Have GREAT FOOD and World Class Quality Service!

If you have these 2, then most often than not you’ll be featured here

But Why Best Food In Town?

Well, our site is going strong day by day, and it always helps to have some sort of footprint online. I am a certified foodie, and will write about anything I like, even i don’t like or come across as worthy to be shared.

Just so you know, all my write ups are 100% unbiased, and based only on my own opinion. I am open for suggestions and i am just an email away!

Once again, thanks for visiting my site!

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