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We, Pinoys are avid coffee drinkers. We flock coffee shops for coffee, work, to meet new people, and to enjoy the scenery or the ambience of the shop. Coffee shops are not just stores, or restaurants but emblems of a good coffee experience. Amidst the many coffee shops here in the Philippines, the best coffee shop for us is the Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant. It is a new coffee shop + resto in Manila that has served as a favorite hangout and coffee drinking place for yuppies.

In Metro Manila alone, we have Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Figaro, Bo’s Coffee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Seattle’s Best, Café de Lipa, UCC Café Plaza, McCafe of McDonalds, and Café Capreal. What makes Black Canyon Coffee and Restaurant tick — and brings in Pinoys in flocks? Simplicity, and a little bit of love. It really boils down to the people behind the counter. It’s also about a good cup of coffee and a good atmosphere in which to enjoy it. Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant’s authentic Thai Coffee and Dishes are superb – it’s something new and I highly recommend their iced coffee, green tea cofee, and of course their pad thai noodles! Just perfect for the rainy season, BCC or Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant is probably the best coffee shop in manila!

Whenever I go to a new Thai resto, I would normally go for the pad thai. So, I had the Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant’s Pad Thai, which came with shrimp and chicken. Pricing was relatively reasonable and the portions were around average. The shrimp is crispy and cooked to perfection. The noodles are perfect and not sticky at all. So delicious…You can also get varying levels of spiciness which is great because I LOVE spicy dishes! I also enjoyed their green tea coffee and iced coffee.

I am for sure coming back here!
+ Great food
+ Great service
+ Awesome atmosphere and decorations
+ Perfect amount of spice

Overall, I give this resto + coffee shop a rating of 5/5 Stars. Black Canyon Coffee and Restaurant has a very clean ambience, innovative coffee mixes and World Class customer service. I won’t be surprised if this will be one of the frequented places for coffee and chilling out of those yuppies in BGC. Flavorful, reasonably priced and scenic, the Black Canyon Coffee and Restaurant will surely draw in the coffee-loving crowds and keep their customers coming back for more.

About Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant

History of Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant

Black Canyon (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993 – to develop the “Black Canyon Coffee” brand concept of a Thai-owned specialty coffee and International Thai menu restaurant.

The first outlet opened in 1993 in Bangkok at a Central Ramindra Shopping Center. The Company determined early on that it wanted to expand through using the franchise model, with the first franchise being sold in 1994. Thereafter, the Company continued to expand (through its own-operated as well as franchised outlets), securing key commercial locations that were critical to its ongoing success – such as at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in 2007, and other main airport in different provinces of Thailand
In 2002, the company began its international expansion, with the first franchised outlet opening in Singapore and then in Malaysia. As at 2013, there are 50 “Black Canyon Coffee” outlets located in 8 countries, ie: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, U.A.E. , Cambodia, Laos, in the Philippines.

Currently, with over 240 branches located in Thailand, the Black Canyon Coffee brand concept is the largest Thai-owned specialty coffee and restaurants chain in the country, competing with other food service players that include major international as well as several smaller local QSR brands concepts.
However, with most of its outlets serving wide-ranging menu offerings that include freshly cooked Thai and international food dishes, Black Canyon has created its own unique market “niche”, in which it does not compete directly with either the typical specialty coffee shop-bakery chains or the typical QSR chain.

This “Black Canyon Coffee Concept” has proved to have wide appeal, as demonstrated by the range of locations in which Black Canyon Coffee outlets have successfully operated – ranging from Cineplex (that attract a very young crowd) to upmarket shopping malls as well as airports and gasoline service stations throughout Thailand (that serve people on the go). Further, the “Black Canyon Coffee Concept” is also becoming more and more well-accepted and successful in key international markets, where Black Canyon currently has opened 50 branches in 8 countries.

Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant Products

The “Black Canyon Coffee Concept” is different and unique, with most branches offering not only a wide range of specialty coffee drinks and other beverages, but also has a complete variety of healthy Thai & International food menu offerings, served in a full-service casual dining ambiance. The specialty coffee drinks selection range from the typical espresso and cappuccino to exotic blended concoctions like the Mocha Glacier and “Blackpuccino”. And the standout performer is the company’s own signature “Black Canyon Iced Coffee” – a special blend of premium coffee with two kinds of milk and plenty of ice.  Most of Black Canyon’s raw coffee beans are obtained from Northern Thailand, where it is grown under the supervision of the King of Thailand’s Royal Projects Foundation.

Of course, Black Canyon’s drinks menu features a lot more than just specialty coffee – there are specially imported Chocolate, Matcha green tea, traditional Thai tea, as well as fruit juices and fruit smoothies. And the wide-ranging drinks menu is complemented by a complete range of food menu offerings – featuring tasty Thai favorites (such as the spicy Tom Yum soup, the tourist favorite Pad Thai noodles and the spicy Som Tam salads), and also includes many international or Asian-fusion dishes, soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas , steaks, noodles and rice dishes designed for good health and good life.

While most branches are full service casual dining restaurants serving the full range of specialty coffee, beverages and food menu, Black Canyon has also developed smaller retail formats – such as the quick service “Kitchen” outlets strategically-located in gasoline service stations or convenience stores along major highways throughout Thailand; and also the smaller specialty coffee “Kiosks” or counters found in Bangkok’s BTS sky train, Hua Lumpong Bangkok train station, and in many Airports throughout Thailand.

Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant Recent Developments

Black Canyon promotes its business and brand through various value-added marketing activities, with regular marketing promotions campaigns to introduce new menu offerings, new premiums, or new incentives for Black Canyon loyalty card members.

Various other promotions are also undertaken, based on seasonal events – such as the annual “Mango Mania” when Thailand’s famous fresh, ripe mangoes in season; or the vegetarian festival in late October every year, when many Thais will temporarily give up eating meat and dairy products.
To promote more brand awareness as well as attract new and regular customers, Black Canyon also partners with major mobile phone operators, credit card companies and banks, as well as with major newspapers and magazines or other media companies, in order to co-promote or co-sponsor marketing activities and events – which typically involve offers or use of discount vouchers or gift certificates.

The Company also promotes its CRM programs through the use of social network media such as

A key element of Black Canyon’s business development strategy is to target and select prime commercial locations with high consumer traffic potential that located in major tourists areas, shopping malls, as well as gasoline service stations on major highways – thus, ensuring that wherever Thai consumers or tourists feel the need for a coffee break, there is a Black Canyon Coffee outlet nearby !

Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant Brand Values

The “Black Canyon Coffee” brand stands for : “Delightful place for great coffee and good, healthy food for the good life, at reasonable prices”.
Through constant services-training of its staff, as well as research and development into consumer trends, the Company has been able to achieve a high degree of consistency in the delivery of its quality specialty coffee drinks and other beverages and of its healthy foods menu offerings, as well as sustained high levels of customer service throughout its growing outlets network.

Even for those complex-tasting signature Thai food dishes or signature specialty coffee drinks, by having its own coffee roasting and blending facility as well as by creating those signature Thai sauces to be especially made and supplied to all its outlets, Black Canyon Thailand ensures that all its customers will always enjoy the exact same “great tasting tom yum kung and Pad Thai noodles or cappuccino experience” – whether they are in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiangmai, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Rangon, Phanomphen ,Dubai , Vientiane – and, of course, now even in Manila, The Philippines.

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