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About the Site:
Best Food In Town is your guide to finding the best place to eat your favorite food here in the Philippines!

3-time Nuffnang Philippines Blog Contest winner:

(2011) – WatchPad’s Big Ticket As Fast As Pacquiao’s Straight Left -2nd
(2013) – Live Your Style with Adidas NEO
(2013) – Join the Running Revolution with Adidas Energy Boost 2 – 2nd

Other Contests:

(2014) – Mizuno PH’s #IfEverybodyRan Promo


About the Owner:

Marlon is a proud Pinoy from Manila, an IT Pro, Gamer, and an App Store Optimization expert with a passion for writing. A student from the University of the Philippines (Open University), he has since worked for numerous IT companies including Tata, IBM, Convergys, ACS. Currently a Developer Analyst for Telus International, and a Contributor Editor for TrendHunter.com, he actively hunts for new trends on a daily basis.

Many of you will be asking “Who writes these articles?” your reason to ask might be out of curiosity or maybe hatred. Well… the writer is Marlon, an ordinary guy, a mere mortal just like anybody else. He is on the verge of adulthood, but still a child at heart. He is someone interested in Gadgets, Games, Cell phones, and Tech Stuff. He is someone who gets his kicks out of playing PS3 games and watching cool movies. He is also interested on simpleton things like shoes, music, badminton, eco-friendly stuff, and tattoos. His family is what defines him.

This site also accepts invitations to review brands, feature events and other activities that will interest the author.  Please Email: marlon302000@yahoo.com.

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